BitTicket™ ticketing

We are the pioneers of BitTicket™ ticketing. Creating technology solutions for events and experiences is at the core of what we do. Find out how we pioneered ticket delivery with BitTicket™.

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When you reserve a ticket, the BitTicket™ contract is called


When you buy a ticket, it'll move to your private wallet by BitTicket™


Access your wallet and view all of your owned tickets anytime


Friends arriving seperately? Transfer to their private wallets!


If you can't make the original date, you can usually exchange it


If a refund is approved, tickets will leave your wallet


At the gate, your wallet is scanned to verify ticket ownership

A short history

Citizen Ticket has been fighting ticket fraud, bots and counterfeiting since 2015. In May 2017, we deployed BitTicket and delivered the first live event using BitTicket™ technology.

BitTicket™ is now woven into our Citizen Ticket platform and continues to afford several benefits to our customers & organisers alike.

Welcome to the new world

Our tickets are are immutable, transferrable, and verifiable. When you deliver by BitTicket™, you are fighting ticket touts and the unethical practices that plague the event ticketing industry:

STOP counterfeit & fraudulent tickets:

  • Verify existance on BitTicket™
  • Verify ownership after sale

STOP ticket touts and purchasing bots:

  • Fully transparent ticketing aftermarket
  • "Bad actors" and unethical members penalised or banned

One wallet

Build up your identity and create your digital wallet to securely hold all of your tickets in one central location. Take your wallet code with you to get into future events via screenshot, email, app, paper, tattoo ‐ however you please.

Programmable tickets

Event organisers and ticketing outlets have ownership and validity rules coded right into their tickets. The power of Ethereum's Solidity decentralises these rules into unbreakable law which provides unprecedented proof of trust for the consumers and artists alike.

Environmental impact

Our BitTicket™ runs on a privately owned EVM, with a Proof of Stake mining consensus. Furthermore, our network is run on 100% clean energy in a modern, efficient datacentre located in the UK. This means we aren't caught up in the Proof of Work environmental impact controversy surrounding the public network.

Customer benefits

  • Transfer your tickets securely and with ease between friends & family
  • Provides one wallet for all your tickets - no more individual tickets
  • A guarantee that your purchased ticket is genuine

Organiser benefits

  • Track every ticket from sale to entry, including aftermarket ticket transfers
  • Communicate with your event attendees instead of the ticket purchasers
  • Take control over who can sell your tickets and attend your events using our Smart Contracts

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We can provide bespoke packages including box office setup, onsite teams, marketing, and hardware. Book a demo with one of our team to find out more and get your questions answered by an expert.

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