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Tue 27 Feb 5:30pm ‐ 11:30pm
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Citizen Live Showcase #3

Citizen Live Showcase #3 Amazing Grace - London Bridge - SE1 9RY Tuesday, February 27th 2024

5:30pm ‐ 11:30pm
Amazing Grace
9a St Thomas St, London, SE1 9RY


Citizen Live is happy to announce its second Citizen Live Showcase , in partnership with the our dear friends at The Amazing Grace, in London Bridge,

Next one coming up: Tuesday, February 27th

It's FREE ENTRY, so you just need to click on buy tickets to make sure to reserve your spot.

Headliner 3rd Edition: The Kobras.

The Kobras were born in the stormy seas of 2020 London, combining Bulgarian eastern mysticism and British stiff upper lip cynicism. With a psychedelic-induced faith in love and oneness, their music brings an authentic rock sound powerful enough to break down the warped mirrors of ones ego and get you grooving at the same time. Vocalist Dessy Baeva, who originally hails from Bulgaria, London-born guitarist Harry Thacker aka Hari Hari and Chloe Tayali on bass.

KC Blackwater
Lyrically channeling his angst on everything from the political climate to social media to concerning news stories, KC has a lot to say, and he’s here to say it as loudly as possible with every EP tackling a new theme of frustration from the world.

Myles Morgan
Myles Morgan’s sound and lyrics paint pensive pictures of various escapades through London life. His writing style is colloquial, in both its form and execution, while his vocals possess a husky yet melodic timbre, colliding with atmospheric backdrops to craft something entirely unique. 
 Despite his wide range of influences his sonic output is distinctly his own, and embodies not only his personal upbringing but wider societal issues, being described as "The rising voice of London's disenfranchised underclass".

Cal & Friends

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