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Tue 14 May 7:30pm ‐ 11:00pm
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Daniela Pes

7:30pm ‐ 11:00pm
The Jago
440 Kingsland Rd, London, E8 4AA


Daniela Pes is a Sardinian musician and singer-songwriter born in the heart of Gallura in 1992.
Her voice and music elude classifications and predetermined containers. Daniela Pes is immersed in the flow of music, as a singer, as an instrumentalist, as an electronic musician. Hers is a multifaceted talent. On 14 April 2023, she released her first album, SPIRA, produced by Iosonouncane. This work has seen her engaged for the past three years and will be a synthesis of Daniela’s many musical lives. In fact, she arrives at her debut with an impressive CV that includes a degree in Jazz Singing from the Sassari Conservatory and a scholarship to the Nuoro Jazz Summer Seminars directed by Paolo Fresu, which led her to perform at Time in Jazz and the Harp Festival in Rio de Janeiro. Completing the picture is the prestigious Andrea Parodi Award in 2017 (where she won the critics’ prize, international jury, best music and best arrangement) and the Best Music Award and Nuovoimaie Award at Musicultura in 2018. Her debut album Spira wins the Targa Tenco 2023 as Best First Work.

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