Ticketing software and service for events, bookings & experiences.

We've been supporting a diverse range of complex events since 2016.


Day & weekend events

Sell tickets for your event in a bricks and mortar, outdoor, or physical location - and get people out.

Bookings attractions

Sell advanced tickets with a calendar & time slot selection at checkout, and at entry with our EPOS.

Multi-event festivals

We're experts at ticketing cultural festivals that hold hundreds of events over a several days or weeks.

You’re in safe hands.

Geoff Crow, 21CC Group

“Citizen Ticket’s team went above and beyond to ensure our ticketing was well managed from start to finish, taking a lot of time and stress off my team.”

Jamie McIntosh, Scottish Love In Action

“Citizen Ticket provided onsite training for our steward team and hardware to run our event. Without their support, I don’t think we could have scanned 5,000 tickets in such a short space of time.”

Chris McCreery, NI Science Festival

“Citizen Ticket really rose to the challenge of providing expert service and support to a very diverse and broad ranging Science Festival.”

Driven by technology

Citizen Ticket is a self-service event ticketing platform that provides online payments and ticket management tools to thousands of events organisers.

We are proud to present our feature-rich self-service platform and app, powered by our industry-defining technology.

Simplified finances

Card processing fees are built in to our low booking fees - you don't need to manage an extra payment processing solution.

Earnings are paid out direct to your bank acccount with detailed statements, and we can be flexible to accomodate your pay-out requirements.


How do you charge for platform access?

For our Plug and Play plans, we simply add a booking fee to your ticket that is payable by the customer - and there's no additional fees for platform usage.

For large/all-year experiences and visitor attractions, please complete the form on our pricing page for a custom quote.

Do I need Stripe?

For our Plug and Play plans, you don't need Stripe - all card fees are inclusive of our booking fee. Please drop us an email if you would like to enable Stripe on your account.

Do you have the specific feature that I'm looking for?

Probably! Our premium, mature software deals with complex events of all shapes and sizes and we have an active team of stellar developers. Speak to our team to find out how we can meet your requirements.

Can you help me with my event logistics?

We can give support and advice with the logistics of your event. Citizen Ticket's team is full of experienced event professionals and we want your event to be a success. We can even put boots on the ground, and supply hardware for scanning and selling.

Do you offer customer support?

We have a dedicated customer support team to help with any customer queries.

Can somebody show me how it works?

Yes - contact us to let us know a bit more about your needs and somebody from our team will be in touch to show you around.

Pricing & Registration

We're on hand to give a demonstration of our platform for events and experiences.

Or review our pricing structure and sign up for our self-service platform to start selling your tickets.

Request a Demo Pricing & Registration

We plant trees

With every ticket purchased on our platform, a donation goes towards planting trees in the UK.

With help from our organisers and the National Forest, we've planted 0 native trees, and counting.

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