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Events & festivals

Sell tickets for your event in a bricks and mortar, outdoor, or physical location - and get people out.

Bookings & attractions

Sell advanced tickets with a calendar & time slot selection at checkout, and at entry with our EPOS.

Livestream experiences

Broaden the reach of your audience for your in-person event or sell a pure livestream experience.

Tickets for trees

With every ticket purchased on our platform, 5p goes towards planting trees in the UK.

This way, hundreds of years after an event has finished, its legacy will still live on, absorbing CO2 and promoting local wildlife.

With help from our organisers and the National Forest, we've planted 0 native trees, and counting.

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Driven by technology

Citizen Ticket is a self-service event ticketing platform that provides online payments and ticket management tools to thousands of events organisers.

We understand the challenges organisers encounter, and we understand what support and tools are necessary to make events successful.

Today we are proud to present our feature-rich self-service platform & app, and our industry-defining technology including BitTicket™ ticketing & livestream delivery.

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We've simplified finances

Card processing fees are included in our booking fee - you don't need a merchant account or payment processing solution. Sell your tickets in £ € $.

Refunds are dealt with by you, quickly.

Detailed statements are provided with every pay-out, and we can accomodate your flexible pay-out requirements.

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