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Answers for common questions:

I haven’t been sent or can’t find my ticket.

Please use our Request Ticket Wallet tool to receive a copy of your ticket wallet at the top of your inbox.

How can I exchange my ticket to another date / time slot?

Please read our knowledgebase guide for how to exchange eligible tickets.

How do I get refund to an event?

You can request a refund by completing our Apply For a Refund form. (You'll be asked to sign into your account first).

I have a question about the event

For the fastest response, please contact the organiser directly regarding your event-specific queries. You can find their contact details by clicking on the organiser name, found beneath the event address on the event listing.

I want to transfer my ticket to a friend or family member.

Navigate to your ticket wallet, locate the ticket and click the transfer button. Follow the instructions on the following page. Tickets are transferable at the organisers discretion.

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