Careers with Citizen Ticket

We're looking for startup oriented candidates to bring their creative problem solving skills and competitive drive to the team.


Customer Service Operative

We're looking for a detail-oriented, empathetic problem solver to join our community team and help support our customer operations (COps). You’ll be the face of Citizen Ticket, and the main way our customers communicate with us. You will answer our users’ questions, resolve their problems, and listen to their feedback and compliments! We’ll give you all the tools and training you need, so you know exactly how our ticketing and payment systems actually work.

Read the full placement description and contact us with your application


We are seeking to add an inquisitive analytical team member to help manage many of the financial operations of the company. Using technical skills, business acumen, you will build systems that will help the financial running of the company.

Read the full placement description and contact us with your application

Work Placement

If you're looking for a work placement at a tech or events industry start up, we could be the perfect fit.

Read the full placement description and contact us with your application

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