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Sat 20 Jul 7:45pm ‐ 10:30pm
Under 12
Adult plus £10 donation to support the dance series

Additional donations help us to pay the musicians, caller, and hall costs.

£20.00 each
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Adult plus £5 donation to support the dance series

Additional donations help us to pay the musicians, caller, and hall costs.

£15.00 each
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The organisers often lose money running this community event, so please consider adding a donation.

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Edinburgh Contra Dance - July 20th with Alan Brunier, Tom Oakes, Edward Wallace, and Charlie Turner

American-style ceilidh - an inclusive community dance with live music.

7:45pm ‐ 10:30pm
Columcille Centre
2 Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH10 4SE


Contra dance comes all the way from America and is cousin to the familiar Scottish ceilidh. Contra is a little smoother and gentler, the figures are a little different, and the music has a different accent.

Live music from Hoik - Edward Wallace (fiddle), Alan Brunier (accordion) and Tom Oakes (guitar) - play dance music with drive and lift. Their tunes come from the borders of British Isles and American traditions. The name is inspired by the Scottish border town of Hawick, as well as the energy they bring to the dance floor!
Edward Wallace has played fiddle for contra dances across the USA and UK. Whether it's the Glen Echo Ballroom, Nelson Town Hall, or a party in a barn, he plays great tunes to get dancers moving joyously.
Alan Brunier is a phenomenon, often found surrounded by inflatable dinosaurs in Contrasaurus. Alan's fine piano accordion playing is in demand for contra dances, ceilidhs, and all kinds of dance music. He's made dancers happy at all the major UK festivals.
Tom Oakes is one of the UK's leading players of traditional guitar and flute and can be heard on stages round the country as well as on film soundtracks. He tours with fiddler Ross Couper and in Scottish-power-trio OBT (Oakes, Bews, Thorpe).

Special guest caller is Charlie Turner. Always ready to groove, Charlie brings clarity, enthusiasm, humour and satisfying dance selections to dance floors from San Francisco to Paris.

All are welcome, family friendly, no partner needed, no experience necessary, all dances taught. 15-minute welcome session for new dancers starts at 7:45pm. Dance runs 8:00pm until 10:30pm including a break. Children 12 and under are free. Edinburgh Contra Dance have been running occasional dances since 2016. Come along and give it a go!

Inclusiveness In order to make our dance as inclusive and welcoming as possible our callers either use the terms 'Larks' and 'Robins' as role names, or call 'positional' style, without using role names at all. Many dances in North America and in the UK have also switched to using these gender-neutral calling styles with great success.

Covid Safety Covid Safety Information: we ask that you only attend the dance if you are feeling well - we'll be happy to refund advance tickets if you can't make it on the day due to illness. We don't require masking but respect those who wish to dance masked. We have handwashing facilities on site and will ventilate the hall as much as possible.

We intend to make the dance as welcoming and as safe as possible.

all photos by Doug Plummer

Edinburgh Contra Dance An event by Edinburgh Contra Dance

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