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Fri 3 May 5:00pm ‐ 5 May 11:00pm
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The ticket platform that plants trees.

Girvan Camping

Reserve your camping plot for Girvan Festival.

5:00pm ‐ 11:00pm
Fishermen's Drying Green
Harbour Street, Girvan, KA26 9AJ


Camping at Girvan Festival is free.

Book your plot using this ticket only if you are not buying a Weekend Festival Ticket or a Weekend Workshop Ticket. If you are [buying a Festival ticket] ( you can book your camping plot at the same time.

There are two small campsites next to the Girvan Harbour Lighthouse building — known locally as the Fishermen’s Drying Green.

There is a shower and toilet block directly next to the campsites (30p charge).

Girvan Traditional Folk Festival An event by Girvan Traditional Folk Festival

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