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Thu 5 Oct 7:00pm ‐ 8:00pm
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Songs of Genomics

What's going on with our genes, and do they hold the secrets to all our problems?

7:00pm ‐ 8:00pm
2 Royal Avenue
Belfast, BT1 1DA


What's going on with our genes, and do they hold the secrets to all our problems? While genomic data can hold immense potential, understanding its implications for an individual's health is a complex task.

The Clinical Ethics Law and Society (CELS) research group at the University of Oxford, have teamed up with Belfast's improvising vocal group HIVE Choir to create a new set of songs all about genetics.

Singing the words of real people who have been through the process of genetic testing, these songs hope to spark conversations about the intricacies of interpreting genomic information and the challenges of deciding which of the millions of genomic variations should be considered in defining results and meaningful insights for patients.

HIVE Choir will perform the songs live at this short concert, and there will be a chance to hear more about CELS research into the lived experiences of patients and their families.

An exhibition of artwork inspired by this genetic research will also be on display from 6pm-9pm alongside complimentary food and drink.

Drop-in is welcome but registration is advised.

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