1 Sandown Road

Scott's Jazz Club

"The best Jazz club outside of Ronnie Scott's in the UK and Ireland" - Rob Luft
"As good as any jazz club in New York" -Hugh Buckley
"Possibly the best Jazz venue in Ireland" - Jimmy Smyth
"As a former member of Ronnie Scott’s, I will say that this is the business!" - Ron Moore
Please be advised that each event is a professional concert listening setting. Concert goers are expected to not talk over the performance.
Details of each week’s acts can be found at www.scottsjazzclub.com
Each week the concert has different top musicians performing exciting and accessible jazz. The venue is specially setup to deliver the best atmosphere to hear jazz performers. International guest artists are added all the time so please check for specific event details on www.scottsjazzclub.com
The club is right in the heart of Ballyhackamore, a few minutes in a taxi from the city centre and serves the cheapest pint in Belfast!
Doors 8:30pm, Music 9pm.

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