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Cancelling or postponing your event date

Cancelling an event can be a difficult choice to make. However, with the correct tools, this process can be made a lot easier to navigate, both for you and your attendees.

Getting a cancellation right is key to maintaining a good brand image and support from your attendees. If you need to cancel your event, make sure you inform attendees in good time, choose how to issue refunds, and/or consider offering exchanges.

How to cancel your event

Within this article, we will outline how to cancel, or postpone your event and manage customer refunds in the best possible way.


Before continuing with this guide, you should have read the following:

  1. Understanding Refunds on Citizen Ticket
  2. Reviewed Citizen Ticket’s Organiser Terms 
  3. Using the Email Centre to communicate important information with attendees

Cancelling your event

Manage your cancellation communication, refunds and exchanges within the platform.

  1. Go to the event calendar, click on the date/timeslot, select cancel timeslot, then choose to cancel the event
  2. If you have the possibility for exchanges, you will be passed this option here (see ‘Offering exchanges’ below)
  3. Enter your cancellation email to customers
  4. Select your refund choice:
    1. Partial refunds (face value of ticket minus booking fees)
    2. Full refunds (full amount refunded - Citizen Ticket will invoice you for our booking fee amount) *The refund choice is at the discretion of the organisers.
  1. Confirm the cancellation on the platform and via the emails in the user’s inbox
  2. Once confirmed, customer cancellation emails will automatically be processed
  3. Depending on the refund choice, Citizen Ticket will process customer refunds accordingly

Offering exchanges

If you have like-for-like event dates, you will be offered the opportunity to offer the option of exchanges to your customers as an alternative to a refund. Customers will be emailed a choice between ‘Exchange tickets for another date’ and ‘Get a refund’.

This option will appear in the ‘Cancelling your event’ steps listed above, providing you have enabled exchanges in the Time slot settings.

Many customers will prefer this option as they will likely still want to attend your event. It also helps you retain revenue in the event of a cancellation.

If you do not see this option but would like to offer this option to your customers, please contact your account manager.

When checking the box to offer exchanges, please set a deadline for customers to make their decision by. When the exchange deadline is reached customers who have not yet chosen to exchange will be automatically refunded.

Communicating the cancellation to your attendees

Clear communication with your attendees is crucial. Whilst no one can predict an event cancellation, the more notice you can give, the better.

Consider including the following information in your cancellation emails:

  1. Reason for cancellation
  2. Whether you’re planning to reschedule the event
  3. Explain how refunds, or exchanges will work
  4. When they can expect refunds
  5. Who to contact with further questions

You should also post information about your event cancellation on relevant social media channels.

Postponing your event

If you need to postpone your event, please do the following:

  1. Temporarily stop all ticket sales from your event dashboard
  2. Use the email centre to explain the situation to your attendees
  3. Change the event date/time in “Dates”
    1. Once the date has been updated in the system, their ticket wallet's will automatically update to reflect the new date.
  1. Customers will then receive an email and be notified of the date change and have the option to apply for a refund if they can no longer attend.
    1. When changing the date/time, you have the option to choose whether to notify customers via email of the updates, or not.*Please note, in this instance, customers are also entitled for a refund as per consumer rights. **Only partial refunds would be offered, rather than a full refund, as with the cancellation process outlined above.
  1. Let your attendees know about the event postponement and advise on next steps
    1. Explain what will happen with their tickets

E.G. will their tickets be transferred to the new date, or will they be refunded automatically and given priority booking to the rescheduled date?

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