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How to manage your early bird tickets

What is an Early Bird ticket?

Offering Early Bird tickets for your event has proven to be an effective way to promote your event and increase advanced ticket sales. An “Early Bird” ticket is one that is launched at a discounted rate and prior to the general admission tickets being available.

Why should you consider selling Early Bird tickets?

Early Bird ticket offers can incentivise customers to purchase tickets for your event sooner and at a reduced price. The most basic principle with Early Bird tickets is, “the earlier you book, the better the offer you will get”.

Early Birds sales can give a better indication of the number of attendees far sooner that you would previously be able to. Perhaps most significantly, they can be used as a great reward for loyal event attendees.

How to set up your first Early Bird Ticket

Within this article we will explain why you should consider using early bird offers and how best to manage them using the Citizen Ticket platform.


Before continuing with this guide, you should have read the following:

  1. Create and configure your organiser profile
  2. Create an event, set up your venue and add a date
  3. How to set up your first ticket
  4. Understanding automatic capacity management

Creating an Early Bird ticket

  1. Go to your event dashboard and select “Tickets”
  2. Create a new ticket type, or edit an existing ticket type
  3. Choose your ticket title and price
  4. If you have a limited number of early bird tickets available, adjust your capacity settings and set these tickets to “sell out when either capacity or quantity is reached”

To improve the effectiveness of these tickets, introduce limitations to the number of tickets available and the timeframe of availability. Doing so will create a sense of urgency, consequently creating peak periods of sale which will help build momentum for your event.

Setting a time frame for your Early Bird release

Set a limited time frame on your early bird offer by using the “Deactivate on time/date” feature found in the Advanced Options of your ticket type setup.

When the time specified is reached, the Early bird tickets will automatically be removed from sale to the public.

Set up other ticket types to automatically go on sale when your Early Bird tickets sell out

So that there is no interruption to your on-sale period, you can automatically trigger other ticket types to activate when your Early Bird allocation has sold out.

For example, you can have Early Bird (£8), Second Release (£15) and General Release (£25) tickets set up.

  • When Early Bird Tickets sell out, Second Release goes on sale.
  • When Second Release sells out, the General Release tickets become available.

Activating other ticket tiers

  1. Create a new ticket type, or edit an existing non-early bird ticket type
  2. Choose your ticket title and price
  3. In Advanced Options, first choose to deactivate tickets. Then, choose to activate tickets when another ticket type sells out.
  4. Select your a different ticket type from the drop down menu e.g. Early Bird

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