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Customer Lookup

The Customer Lookup feature provides a centralised hub for efficiently managing all customer orders and interactions within the Citizen Ticket platform. With flexible search capabilities and a comprehensive data view, organisers can quickly locate any customer record and execute common service actions like resending tickets, processing refunds/exchanges, and leaving notes.

This guide outlines the step-by-step process for leveraging Customer Lookup's full potential.

View customer purchases, resend ticket wallet, add notes, return / and or refund ticket(s), exchange tickets and view exchanges.

  1. Click on "Customers" in the left menu.
  2. In the search bar you can use the following tags:


  • Name (Type Name)
  • First Name (Type Name)
  • Last Name (Type Name)
  • Full Name (Type Name)


  • Is
  • Starts With
  • Ends With


  • Is (Then Select Event from pre populated list)
  • Is not one of (Then Select Event from pre populated list)


  • Before (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • After (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • On (dd/mm/yyyy)

  1. Click the blue “Search” button.
  2. The customer with that name will appear in the list
  3. Click the blue “View” button
  4. Note: The last customers checked will appear in the list
  5. The next screen will present you with several tabs on the left hand side of the screen:


You will see the customers date of birth, phone number, location, gender and email address. The customer is not obliged to fill out all of this information.

On the right hand side, there are two more features:

  • Resend Ticket Wallet: Click here to resend the ticket wallet to the customer. When re-sent, a green banner will appear to say it has been sent.
  • Notes: Leave a note about your customer then click Add Note. If ticked as “Important Note”, the box will be red. If unticked, it will be grey. You can delete the note by clicking the red bin icon. When a note is added you will see a green banner to say note created. If you want to delete the note, you will be asked to confirm this action first.


Under this tab, you will see an up to date list of your customers purchase history for your events. You can see the following details here:

  • Sales Reference & Sale date / time:  - This is the specific Order ID and is very useful for Citizen Ticket Staff. By Clicking on the blue Sales Reference, the order purchase will open up more information (See further down for more details on each heading.)

  • Purchase
  • Customer Info
  • Items
  • Tickets:Exchange
  • Requested Refund (If the customer requested a refund)

  • Event: The event name
  • Ticket Type: Which Ticket type they bought e.g Child / Adult and how many (x1, x2, x3, x4)
  • Price
  • Status (Active, Returned, Refunded, Transferred)
    • Active: Ticket currently active in customers wallet
    • Refunded: Ticket has been refunded
    • Returned: Ticket has been returned to allocation only
    • Transferred: Customer has transferred the ticket to someone else

Blue Actions button - You can use this button to show a drop down:

  • Return and Refund Options: Will redirect you to the “Requested Refund” tab.
  • Exchange Options

See further information further down this article.


This tab allows you to view if a customer has exchanged their ticket from one date to another.

Here you can view the original date / time they had a ticket for, the date and time that they changed the ticket and also the new date / time that the customer has chosen.

Ticket Answers

Here you can view the customers answers to ticket questions


  • Incoming Transfers: Here you can see if someone is the recipient of a transferred ticket and the status of the transfer.
  • Outgoing Transfers: Here you can see if someone has transferred a ticket to someone else and its status.


Here you can see any waivers that have been completed by the customer

Purchases > Sales Reference:


  • Type of Purchase e.g Website Purchase or Box office
  • Reference (same as Sales Reference)
  • Date and time of purchase
  • Discount Code if used
  • Amount paid by customer inc. Booking Fees
  • Amount refunded
  • Earnings in Platform

Customer Info

  • Name
  • Email
  • Area
  • Other Purchases


  • Ticket breakdown
  • Quantity per ticket
  • Value
  • Action Box (For returning or refunding)
    • Select a ticket to refund or return to allocation
    • Select the box “return to allocation” and or “refund”. Returning to allocation will return the ticket back to allocation for resale
    • Click process

Dropdown Option - Return and Refund Options

Approve refund & Release to Allocation

  • Select approve
  • Select the “Release to allocation“ checkbox (usually you would release to allocation if approving the refund).
  • Click Process. This will return the ticket back to allocation for resale.
  • The customer will be refunded

Decline Refund

  • Select Decline
  • Write your message to the customer if it is a decline
  • Click Process. The customer will receive the message informing them of the declined refund.

Please Note: If a customer has transferred a ticket or tickets to another person then applied for a refund, you will see a warning message on the refund application to let you know that the ticket(s) is / are not in the purchaser's account. This means you can refund the ticket but you cannot return it to allocation. The ticket will become invalid and cannot be used.

The returned tickets will be added back to the total capacity of the event and if refunded, the tickets will be added to the refund pending queue (processed by our finance team).  If you have only returned a ticket and still wish to refund it, please select the ticket > refund and process it.

Note: You cannot use this method to refund tickets automatically that have been issued via the payments methods; complimentary, cash or card terminal.

Important Note: When a Sales Reference has x 2 or more tickets on it and you carry out an action on one ticket, the Sales Reference will split out into two or more lines on the Purchases List so that the status per ticket is clear.

Dropdown Option - Exchange Options

Will redirect you to the Ticket: Exchanges tab

Tickets: Exchange:

If your event has other dates / time slots you can exchange the ticket for your customer via this tab.

Exchangeable tickets in this sale

Exchangeable up to “DD/MM/YYYY” HH:MM

  1. Click the blue button “Find eligible dates”
  2. Click the preferred date you want to exchange the ticket into
  3. Use the numbers arrow to select how many tickets you want to exchange
  4. If there are not enough tickets in the sale, you will see: You don't have enough exchangeable tickets for the selection made
  5. Click Exchange Tickets - the next page will update and let you know if the tickets have been successfully changed. When exchanged, a new wallet will automatically be sent to the customer.

Requested Refund

This tab shows refund requests from your customer.

See this article for more information: How do I approve or deny refund requests?

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