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How do I set up a pass?

A “Pass” allows you to create a ticket that stays assigned to the customer's Citizen Ticket account. When a customer purchases a pass, they unlock exclusive pass holder tickets and pricing. It can be used in various ways for example as a festival pass, annual membership, season pass, local community pass, etc.

One Pass can be applied to multiple events, dates & tickets. You can also have multiple Pass types under one organiser profile if you wish.

It is important that you have already created at least one event, and at least 2 special ticket types prior to creating a Pass, which we will describe later in this guide.

Creating your pass:

  1. From your main Dashboard, click "Multi-event tools".
  2. Then click “Add Pass”.
  3. Name your Pass.
  4. Select the events you want to apply to your pass. You can select "All Events" or just one or two events. Highlight the ones you want to select in blue then click "Next". (You can add more events to your pass at any time).
  5. Choose the tickets you want to be associated with your pass. You must have all associated tickets created before creating your Pass.
  6. The next step is to set the activation tickets for your Pass. Sort the tickets into the relevant column by highlighting your event and using the arrows to navigate left or right.
    • The ‘activates’ Pass ticket type should be located in the left-hand column. This ticket acts as the 'master ticket' which is required for customers to gain access to the designated tickets.
    • The ‘requires pass ticket type' that has been previously set up (Season Entry) should be in the right-hand column. These tickets will only become available for purchase once the customer is in possession of their Pass (Season Ticket in this example).
  1. Next, choose whether you would like the pass to expire.
    • A time period of validity from ticket purchase (i.e. 2 weeks, 6 months, or 1 year).
    • A cut-off date when the season/ festival ends (i.e. 19th January 2020 at 5:30 pm).
    • Leave blank for indefinite (Pass does not expire).
    • The expiry can be edited which can optionally apply to previously sold Passes - if those updates are beneficial to the existing Pass holders (i.e. expiry is extended). See the warning dialogue below.
    • After this expiry has been reached by the Pass holder, they’ll have to purchase a new Pass to continue to buy Pass Required tickets.
  1. Choose whether you would like your pass to have a usage limit or not.
    • Set a usage limit if you would like a Pass to be applied to a certain amount of events/shows.
    • The Usage Limit can be edited.
    • Optionally, if the usage limit update is beneficial to existing Pass holders (i.e. increased), this can be applied retroactively. A warning box will appear to inform the organiser that in doing so, it will apply to existing Passes as well.
  1. Review the settings of your Pass, and if you're happy with the setup, "Add" it. If you want to make changes, simply click on the options on the review page.
  2. Box Office
    • As an organiser you can send everyone with a Season Pass, a specific basket or ticket.
    • Once you've set up your Season Pass tickets, choose which tickets you want to send to the pass holders, via Season Passes > Issue Tickets.
    • Check the box that says "Also issue this basket to anybody who purchases this season pass in the future".
    • The tickets will be sent to everybody who has already purchased a Pass, and will be sent automatically to those who purchase one in the future. Please note that currently only tickets setup as 'Requires Pass' can be issued to Pass holders via box office.

Note: By default, a customer can potentially buy a Pass and tickets to the event and then transfer the redeemed tickets to a friend who is a Non-Pass Holder. The organiser can choose to change these settings by clicking Edit Ticket and clicking Allow Transfers.

Your pass(es) will now show in the Pass menu. Use the Pencil icon to edit your pass and the bin icon to delete it.

Please see this link for information on how it appears to the customer:  Customer - How do I use my Pass

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