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Pricing Plans - What’s a Pricing Plan and how do I choose one?

Having a spectrum of pricing plans, provides excellent flexibility to align with the precise requirements you have.

Here’s a quick overview of our plans to choose from…

  • The Basic plan

    • Provides you with basic functionality and event tools on our platform for running a successful small scale event, such as a community or charity event.

  • The Advanced plan

    • Enables more access to our platform, boosting your events solutions and your customer service offering. Great for booking and live streaming to an audience of up to 2,000.

  • The Professional plan

    • Allows you to utilise all our platform features without limitations, including live streaming shows to an unlimited audience, creating booking systems for visitor attractions or running large scale live events.

  • The Enterprise plan

    • This bespoke plan is best for large events & visitor attractions that have their own payment processing. (We would love to have a chat to work together and build a plan specific to your business needs).

For more information on our pricing plans, read our blog or take a look at our pricing plan comparison page.

If you have not created your organiser account yet, you can choose your feature plan when signing up.

If you already have an organiser account, you can choose your desired plan by navigating to your organiser dashboard on the bottom left hand corner then click Organiser Settings.

Click “Feature plan”  and you will be redirected to the “Current plan” tab page, informing you of the one you currently have and the details of the plan (including the booking fee).

Click the “Switch plan” tab to upgrade or downgrade your current plan

Click the “Upgrade” button corresponding to your desired plan.

Your chosen plan will now appear on the “Current Plan” tab. If you need to undo this action click the link “You can still undo this action”.

If you wish to downgrade your plan, click Downgrade Plan. A blue link will appear to tell you that you can still undo this action.

If you wish to downgrade your plan later, return to the “Switch plan”.

Note - To downgrade your plan, you must not have any upcoming events in your organiser dashboard).  

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