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Fine Print - How do I view my event's Fine Print?

Viewing the Fine Print summary which contains the critical event and commercial details allows you as an organiser to review key information in one place. This transparency is important for ensuring there is a clear, mutual understanding of the agreement terms.

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand main panel.
  2. Select the Dashboard of the event you want to check.
  3. Click “Admin”
  4. Click “Fine Print”
  5. View the fine print of your event on this tab, displaying the following details;
  • Organiser Name
  • Event
  • Event Date
  • Booking Fee
  • Charges
  • Exclusivity
  • Ticket Sale Period
  1. You can also view the full Organiser Terms & Conditions text by clicking the link in blue "Organiser Agreement".

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