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How do I create an access code for my event?

The access code feature allows you to create special codes that grant customers early access, VIP access, or access to hidden/private events and ticket types. This is useful for scenarios like providing staff, sponsors, or select customers with the ability to purchase tickets before public sale.

When customers enter a valid access code during checkout, any associated hidden/private tickets will become visible and purchasable for them. You can download the access code data, edit details, clone codes, and more from the management interface.

Note: Set up your tickets as normal. For protected tickets, you'll want to first mark them as hidden under advanced options. Please note that when you have finished configuring your access code, you will need to "Unhide" the tickets again. They will be automatically hidden once the configuration is complete.

  1. From your event dashboard select "Marketing" then “Access Codes”.
  2. Click "Add Access Code".
  3. Choose the name of your Campaign. For example “Staff access codes” is used in this example for members of staff to get early access to tickets.
  4. Create your Access Codes by selecting how many you want the system to auto-create or create your own. Click Go.
  5. A new box will appear each time for new access codes.
  6. Click the Red Bin Icon to delete an access code.
  7. Another option is to create your own personal access codes by naming them e.g. staff member names.
  8. If you want the code to be one use only select “One time only”. Otherwise, check the box “Unlimited Uses” so the access code never expires or has unlimited usage.
  9. The different ticket types which are live on your event will appear. Click on the one you want and it will highlight in blue. E.g Ticket Type 1, 2, 3.
  10. Apply your codes to the tickets of your choice.
  11. Once your access code is saved, you will be able to view the details of the  code (i.e. code name, limit, tickets applied to etc.).
    1. The Pencil icon allows you to edit the code details.
    2. The bin icon allows you to delete an Access Code Campaign. A dialog box will ask you if you are sure to delete it.
    3. The copy icon allows you to clone a code.
    4. The download icon allows you to download the data in a csv file.

When using the access code with Super Trolley, you can use the same access code for multiple events so customers just have to enter it / unlock it once. Unlocking the access code will apply to all events under that organiser.

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