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Box Office - How do I use the "Box Office" suite?

Our box office is a streamlined way to sell tickets while ensuring all customer data is properly captured and associated with the orders.

Starting a sale:

To start a sale for your event you can initiate a sale via 3 methods;

  1. Box office tab on the Organiser Dashboard - Click “Box office” at the top of your Organiser dashboard.
  2. Quick Start from Organiser Dashboard Events List - Click the magic wand symbol to issue tickets quickly for an event via your organiser dashboard event list.
  3. Dashboard Start - My Events > Click “Dashboard” of the selected event > “All” or “Income & Sales”  > ”Box Office”

Customer Details

  1. When you start a sale, you will have to find the customer’s account or have to take the new customer’s details.
  2. If the customer has an account, click the “Yes” button, and search their full address and email address by clicking ”Find”.
  3. If the customer does not have a Citizen Ticket account or is unsure, click the “No/Not Sure” button and ask for their full name and email address they want their tickets to be sent to. Repeat the email address back to make sure it is correct.

Enter Ticket Types & Quantity

  1. Add the type and quantity of tickets the customer wishes to purchase. The total value of tickets selected will be displayed at the bottom of the page. When you are ready, click “Add to customer basket”.
  2. Note: If you have set a purchase limit per customer, please make the customer be aware of this.
  3. Click the blue button reserve tickets

Add-ons (applicable to multi-ticketed events)

If the customer would like to purchase a ticket for an add on, click “Sell Ticket” on the relevant event. Follow the same steps as adding tickets to a customer’s basket and then take payment.


When checking out the customer’s tickets, select the applicable option from the drop-down list (see below).

Payment Methods

Cash (on-site box office sales).

Confirm the tickets the customer is purchasing to them and take cash payment. Then click “Issue tickets”.

Card terminal (on-site box office sales).

Confirm the tickets the customer is purchasing to them and enter the correct amount into the card terminal.

Wait for the transaction to be processed and then click “Issue tickets".

If the transaction has been declined, the customer will need to contact their bank.

Magic Checkout (for customers with purchasing issues or during box office sales).

Confirm the number of tickets and price with the customer.

Then select how the pre-filled basket will be delivered to the customer (i.e. email or text message).

Click “Issue tickets” and tell the customer they have 10 minutes to complete the purchase once they open the link sent to their email/mobile phone.

Complimentary (for issuing complimentary tickets.

This payment method is used to issue complimentary tickets. Click here on how to issue these to your customer.

Card over the phone (for PCI compliant organisers only).

As mentioned previously, confirm the tickets and price with the customer.

If the customer has an account, please ask the customer for their card payment details (card number, card type, CVC - 3-digit code on the back of the card, expiry date).

If the customer doesn’t have an account, please click the toggle “Add New Address” and ask for their full billing address.

Once the details are complete, click “Charge £x.yy ”.

Note: If the transaction has been declined, double check the card number and billing address. If it is still declined, the customer will need to contact their bank.

Ticket Issue Complete

Once you have issued the customer their tickets, their ticket wallet will update and be sent to their email.

You will have the option to also Print their tickets if needed by clicking the blue “Print Tickets” button

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