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Tickets - How do I set my refund policy?

Set your desired refund policy when creating an event. This policy determines the timeframe and rules around when attendees can request a refund for their ticket purchase. Organisers have several refund window options to choose from, ranging from "No refunds" to refunds allowed up to 24 hours before the event start time. It's important to note that once an event is published, the refund policy can only be made more lenient, not stricter. Enabling ticket exchanges between date/time slots is also recommended to reduce refund requests.

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand main panel.
  2. Click the event you wish to set a refund policy for.
  3. Click “Setup”
  4. Click the “Refund Policy” tile.
  5. Select the refund policy you wish to set. NB Please note that you cannot make your refund policy stricter once the event has been published.
  6. You can choose from one of the following policies:

  • No refunds (Tickets are Non Refundable) *Strictest Policy*
  • Case-by-case (You can review each refund request case by case)
  • Up to 30 days before event start (Refundable up to 30 days before event start date)
  • Up to 14 days before event start (Refundable up to 14 days before event start date)
  • Up to 7 days before event start (Refundable up to 7 days before event start date)
  • Up to 48 hours before event start (Refundable up to 48 hours before event start time)
  • Up to 24 hours before event start (Refundable up to 24 hours before event start time) *Least strictest Policy*

  1. If your event has different time slots / dates available, we encourage you to activate exchanges as this tends to mitigate the amount of people applying for a refund. When a customer applies for a refund, they will be asked if they want to exchange to another date/slot instead. To use this feature, see our article: Time Slots Settings - Exchangeable Tickets and scroll down to "Timeslots exchangeable".
  2. Regardless of your refund policy, customers can still apply for a refund. As an organiser you will have to monitor your refund requests and follow the prompt as to whether or not you should approve / decline based on your policy. Note: If you have pending refunds in your queue after your event has finished, this will affect your payout so please review refund requests regularly and make sure they are all cleared at the end of your event run to ensure efficient payout of your funds.

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