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Dates - How do I use “Multi-date mode”?

The Multi-date mode allows event organisers to efficiently manage multiple event dates and time slots in bulk. This powerful feature, available on Advanced and Professional pricing plans, enables organisers to perform several actions across selected dates with just a few clicks, saving significant time and effort.

Key capabilities of Multi-date mode include:

1. Duplicating dates across the calendar.

2. Deleting/cancelling unwanted event dates.

3. Updating capacity limits for selected dates.

4. Editing ticket types and pricing for common tickets across multiple dates.

5. Adding new ticket types to multiple dates seamlessly.

6. Cloning existing ticket types to additional dates.

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  1. To use “Multi-date mode”, navigate to your event dashboard and click “Calendar” in the menu on the left.
  2. Click the “Multi-date mode” button which will change to “Multi-date mode - On”.
  3. Then select the check box on the individual dates (time slots), or select all on the calendar to carry out the following actions:

Duplicate dates

  1. Select the checkbox of the date(s) you wish to duplicate, or select all
  2. Click “Duplicate dates” in the menu and select the days on the calendar you wish to add them to.
  3. Click “Confirm copy new X days” and the date(s) will successfully show on the event calendar.  
  4. Once complete you will see a green banner displaying a message: The duplicate dates you started at XX:XX on DD/MM/YYYY has been completed.

Delete dates

  1. Select the checkbox on the date(s) you wish to delete and click  “Delete dates”.
    1. Choose from the options in the dialogue box:
      1. Postpone Event, Cancel Event, or Neither
      2. If you wish to cancel / delete the event(s), click Cancel event.
  1. A dialogue box will inform you if any tickets have been sold for that event.
  2. You will be asked if you want to continue to remove the date(s) from sale.
  3. If you are happy to go ahead and cancel/delete, click Continue.

*If no tickets have been sold for event dates, you will be able to delete these immediately. If you have sold tickets for event dates, you will be prompted to complete the event cancellation process on the platform. For more information on how to cancel an event, click here.

  1. Your date(s) will now be removed from your event’s calendar

Update capacity

Please note that you can only use this feature if you are using the automatic capacity management. This can be configured in your “Tickets” settings.

  1. Select the checkbox on the date(s) you wish to change the capacity of the time slot and click  “Update capacity”.
  2. Type the number (or use increase/decrease buttons) you wish to set the new capacity to, then click “Set capacity”.*This refers to the event date’s new overall capacity.

E.G. If your initial capacity was 200 and you wish to increase this to 300, you will need to enter the new overall capacity as 300.

  1. The new capacity for your date(s) will now show in the panel on your event’s calendar.
  2. You will see a blue banner: The capacity of your event dates were edited successfully.

Edit common tickets

  1. Select the checkbox of the date(s) you wish to edit the current (“common”) ticket types. Then click “Edit common tickets” in the bottom menu and choose the ticket type you wish to edit from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click “Edit ticket for X dates”, which will take you to the “Edit ticket” menu.
  3. Edit the ticket type as you wish (i.e. title, price etc.). Note: The edit ticket form section (under Edit Multiple Tickets)  will show you which dates you are editing that common ticket type in. This box is automatically ticked.  
  4. Click “Save changes'' and you will see a green banner:  Tickets have been updated. The ticket type will now be successfully updated on the main “Tickets” page for the selected date/dates.
  5. The screen will now return to the main calendar.

Add ticket type

  1. If you want to add a new ticket type to multiple dates, it is best to create the new ticket type on one time slot first, under the “Tickets” settings.
  2. Click add ticket type and add your new ticket type as normal.
  3. Then return to Calendar > Switch the multi-date mode on
  4. Click the date which has the new ticket type you created
  5. Choose “Clone ticket type”.  
  6. On the dropdown, select your latest ticket type that you just created.
  7. Choose the destination dates to clone the ticket type to by clicking on the date(s). Confirm this action by clicking “Clone ticket type to X dates”
  8. Once successfully cloned, you will see a green banner: “The clone ticket types you started at XX:XX on DD/MM/YYYY has been completed.”

Clone ticket type

  1. Where you want to clone existing ticket types, select the checkbox of the date(s) you wish to clone a ticket type to another date.
  2. Then click “Clone ticket type” in the bottom menu and choose the ticket type you wish to clone from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click “Select destination dates” and choose the date you want to clone the ticket type to.
  4. Then click “Clone ticket type to X dates” to confirm.
  5. Your date will now be able to sell the cloned ticket type (click on the date > “Tickets” in the date panel to see the new ticket type under the “Group” ungrouped).

Other Notes

Please note, when carrying out these actions in bulk, there can be a slight delay when waiting for the actions to complete as the system will be updating a lot of data at the same time. Please do not refresh the page whilst this is working.

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