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Embed Widget - How do I embed a “Buy Tickets” form to my event website?

The Embed Widget allows event organisers to seamlessly integrate a "Buy Tickets" form directly onto their own event website or landing pages. This provides a seamless ticket purchasing experience for attendees without having to redirect them to an external ticketing page.

The embedded widget is equipped with tracking capabilities to monitor referral sources and traffic data. It connects with the platform's analytics tools to provide insights into sales conversions from your website integration.

  1. Click on the event you want to embed
  2. Click on the tile called “Embed Widget”
  3. Choose between a light or dark theme
  4. Select the checkbox if you want to show the 'Put this form on your website' button.
  5. The embed widget code will automatically generate.
  6. The landing page tracking code will automatically generate.
  7. The widget is compatible with our Traffic & Tracking tools; tracking referrers and UTM parameters through to anonymised & aggregated sales conversions.
  8. You must also add this additional code to every landing page in order to take advantage of the Traffic & Tracking tools. (You do not need to place this additional code if the widget itself is placed on your landing page).
  9. On the right you can see the preview of the form that would appear on your event website.
  10.  Copy the widget code in the "Embed Code" box to add to your webpage HTML.

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