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Tickets - What is a Foundation Ticket?

This feature allows organisers to designate a particular ticket type as the foundation for a date/time slot. Once the foundation ticket sells out for that slot, no other ticket types will be available for purchase for that same date and time. This prevents overselling and ensures attendance remains capped.

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left-hand main panel.
  2. Click “Setup”.
  3. Click “Tickets”.
  4. Click “Edit” on the ticket type you wish to make a foundation ticket.
  5. Then click the “Advanced options” arrow to go to the foundation ticket option.
  6. Select the checkbox under the Foundation Ticket option and click "Save Changes".
  7. Once the particular ticket type is sold out, all tickets will be marked as sold out on your event page.
  8. If your ticket is a foundation ticket, it will have this icon beside it:

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