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Admin - How do I pin an event?

The Pin Event functionality allows organisers to mark certain events as favourites or priorities, keeping them easily accessible at the top of their event dashboard. This simple tool helps organisers quickly locate and access their most important or frequently managed events amidst a long list.

Once pinned, the event will appear at the top of the dashboard, segregated from unpinned events listed below. The pinning is user-specific, so each organiser's pinned events will differ based on their preferences and roles.

  1. Click “Events” on the left hand panel.
  2. Click on the Event you want to pin.
  3. Click the pin icon on your dashboard to pin your favourite events at the top.
  4. The pin option is user centric, so if you're logged in as a profile owner or event admin, your favourites will be different from your colleague's.
  5. Your dashboard will then display Pinned events at the top and Unpinned events below.

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