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Tickets - How do I collect the delivery addresses of my ticket purchasers?

The “Requires Delivery Address" option allows organisers to collect the mailing addresses of ticket buyers at checkout. When enabled for a particular ticket type, purchasers will be prompted to enter a delivery address in addition to their billing information. This is useful if physical tickets, passes, or other items need to be shipped directly to attendees before the event. Organisers can easily view and manage all collected delivery addresses from the "Shipping" dashboard, where they can also mark orders as shipped once processed.

If you need to collect the delivery addresses of your ticket purchasers you can activate the "Requires a Delivery Address" option in “Tickets”.

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left-hand main panel.
  2. Select the Dashboard of the event you want to check.
  3. Click "Setup".
  4. Click “Tickets”.
  5. Click “Add Ticket Type” or “edit” on an existing ticket.
  6. Click “Advanced Options”.
  7. Select the checkbox under "Requires Delivery Address".
  8. Click “Save”.


When a customer purchases a ticket of this type, they will be prompted during the checkout to provide a delivery address for their purchase, which may be separate from their billing address.

You will be able to see all ticket holder's delivery addresses for your event by navigating to your organiser dashboard and clicking the "Shipping" dashboard. On the "Shipping" dashboard, you can set an order as "Mark as Shipped", to keep on top of which orders you’ve processed.

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