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Super Trolley - Traffic and Tracking

Super Trolley: Give customers the option of additional purchases after they have selected a ticket. For example, car parking passes, event programmes or t-shirts. Separate events with active tickets must be created in order to add them as Super Trolley options.

Our platform provides tracking capabilities to monitor the performance of your Super Trolley add-on events. This allows you to analyse how effectively the additional products/packages are being discovered and purchased during the main event checkout process.

How do I track how many hits or sales I am getting from using Super Trolley?

Note: To use this feature, please make sure you have activated Super Trolley for your event(s).

  1. On your event Dashboard, click on your add on event that you want to track (not your main event).

Top tip: Set your Super Trolley events to undiscoverable if they are only available with ticket purchases.

  1. Click on the tile “Traffic & Tracking”
  2. Under the first tab “Traffic & Sales”, you will see a graph showing the following statistics:
    1. Page Views
    2. Unique Views
    3. Sales
    4. Tickets
  1. Click the tab “Sources & Conversions”
  2. If someone has visited your add-on event via the super trolley, you will see a hit on the table under the column “Hits”.
  3. If someone has visited your add-on event and continues to make a purchase via the super trolley, you will see a black tick under “Super Trolley Upsell” indicating a sale has been made via super trolley.
  4. The number of sales made and tickets purchases will be shown under the columns “Sales” and “Tickets”.

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