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Dates - How do I use the “Time slots” power settings?

Use “Time slots“ settings to carry out multiple actions for your time slot event (i.e. turn on timeslot view for your buy tickets widget, enable ticket exchanges between time slots and control of customer exclusivity for a timeslot).

To carry out these actions, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your event dashboard.
  2. On the left hand side menu, click Setup.
  3. On the top right, click Time Slot Settings.
  4. You can also find Time Slot Settings by clicking "Setup" > "Calendar" and clicking on the "clock" icon called timeslots.

Please note that when following through the steps below, other options will appear as you click certain checkboxes.

Show dates as time slots

Select the checkbox to change the display of the dates to a grid of times in the buy tickets widget for easier customer interaction. The following modal will open when you click this:

  • Traffic light timeslots

Select the checkbox to colour code the customer calendar in the buy tickets widget. This will give customers a good indication of ticket availability when purchasing their tickets. Make sure you set the percentage at which the timeslots show amber (when ticket sales are below this %):

  • Show amber when tickets are below

Green (available), Amber (low availability) and Red (sold out).

Timeslots exchangeable:

EXCHANGE: Allow your customer to exchange their tickets for equivalent tickets on another available date / time slot. If you wish to implement a cut-off point for customer exchanges, simply add your desired time period (in days, hours, minutes).

When exchanges are enabled, you will be presented with two more options:

Tentative Bookings and Force Exchange


Allow your customers to exchange their tickets for a tentative booking. Not recommended for single season events. 

  • How many days after the original sale is a tentative booking valid for?

Select this option to allow customers to change their booking from a specified time / date to a tentative time / date (unspecified date / time allowing them to retain the tickets to be exchanged once more at a future date. NB In order to avail of this option you must also select the first option.


If completing an exchange, customers must exchange every ticket for their purchased date (within the same purchase). This feature prevents the risk of customers changing some of the tickets in their order, but not all. This option is useful if your customers have purchased a mandatory car pass ticket for their slot, for example.

Cut off Point for customer exchange

Days / Hours / Minutes:

How many days / hours / minutes before their time slot start date/time should the customer no longer be able to exchange their tickets.

Note: Click here for the guide on how to exchange tickets for customers in customer lookup.

One customer per time slot

Select this option if you would like a time slot to be marked as sold out once a customer reserves or purchases one or more tickets within a time slot.

Warning for different time slots

Customers are warned when buying from more than 1 time slot at a time

“Multiple time slots” Picking and choosing a timeslot for a few weeks ahead can be a mission for customers. Speaking to friends, family, looking at calendars, and planning days. Returning the next day to complete your booking once everyone's confirmed. We'll alert customers if their basket doesn't match up, to avoid disappointment on the day. If the choice was intentional, the customer can still complete the purchase.

Organisers - you can turn this off for your event if it doesn't apply to you by unchecking the box: "Customers are warned when buying from more than 1 time slot at a time".

  • Warning Message to show to customers

Example message to display: You are selecting tickets from two or more different time slots. If that is what you want to do, you can ignore this message.

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