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Sales Digest - How do I get weekly sale updates for my event?

This feature allows event organisers to conveniently receive automated weekly email reports summarising their event's ticket sales performance. With just a few clicks, organisers can customise which days of the week they want the digests delivered and set a preferred delivery time. The digests provide up-to-date insights into sales metrics in an easily digestible email format. Additionally, the feature enables organisers to add multiple email recipients to ensure their teams stay informed about the event's sales trajectory.

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand panel.
  2. Click “Income & Sales”.
  3. Click “Sales Digest”.
  4. Select the checkboxes underneath each day you’d like to receive a report, and enter a time for these to be sent.
  5. Then click “Save".
  6. If you want multiple people to receive these reports, enter their email addresses in the ‘Also send to’ box, separated by commas. You can also add recipients’ names to help avoid spam filters.

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