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Tickets - How do I activate/deactivate a ticket type for sale at a later date?

This feature allows organisers to control when specific ticket types go on sale and when they stop being available for purchase. Organisers can specify a future start date and time for that ticket to become active and purchasable. Additionally, they can set an end date and time after which the ticket type will be automatically deactivated and removed from sale. This scheduled activation/deactivation functionality enables strategies like presales, phased rollouts, limited-time offers, and ensuring tickets are not sold beyond the event duration..

  1. Click “Tickets”.
  2. Click “Edit”.
  3. Click “Advanced Options”.
  4. To activate tickets at a later date select the option under “Activate Tickets”. Select the Start Date and Start Time.
  5. To set a deactivation date, select the checkbox under “Activate Tickets” and set your end date and end time.
  6. Click "Save".

Note: All ticket sales are set to stop at the end time of your event by default. If you want to swap to the start time click “Use start times instead” in Dates (Setup > Dates).

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