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Livestream Studio - How do I start my livestream (or Go live)?

To go live with your event, begin in the Livestream Studio by generating a unique Stream Key. Configure your streaming software using this key and the provided server details. The Studio will display a checklist guiding you through the required steps - setting up your software, starting your stream, then clicking "Go Live" when ready to broadcast to your audience.

Once live, the Studio page will display your stream for ticket holders, including the event name, description, start/end times, viewer count and audience reactions. You can also preview the viewer experience by accessing the livestream link. With this streamlined process, the Livestream Studio allows you to seamlessly start your professional live broadcast for your attendees.

  1. Click “Livestream Studio”.
  2. Click “Generate stream Key”.
  3. In the meantime, set up your livestream on your software (including prepared video, screen capture for any third party calls and your scenes/transitions for show production).
  4. You will see a Checklist on the Livestream Studio’s left-hand side. This will let you know what tasks you need to complete for the duration of your live stream. The checklist shows:
    1. Setup Streaming Software
    2. Start Streaming
    3. Go Live
    4. Close Livestream
    5. Watch Again
  1. Add the live stream URL & key to your livestream software’s stream settings as prompted on the checklist.
  2. When you are ready to stream to viewers click “Go Live”. Your stream will now be viewable to ticket holders.

Top tip -  You can click “Access Livestream” to see what the viewers are watching.

Information which can be seen:

  • The live stream event name
  • The live stream event information (edit in “Title & Description”)
  • The live stream start & finish time
  • The live stream event’s viewer count
  • The emoji reaction of your viewers  
  • If your customers need help with their live stream, they can click “Need Help” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to access the customer knowledge base with live stream FAQs.

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