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How do I set up a Waiver Form

The Waiver Form functionality allows event organisers to create custom legal waivers or liability forms that attendees must complete and sign before participating in the event. This ensures attendees acknowledge and agree to specific terms, rules, or disclaimers defined by the organiser. You can assign the waivers to specific events.

Other benefits of waiver forms include;

  • Customers can sign on behalf of children.
  • Customers will be prompted to sign the waiver after purchase and can share the link with their party.
  • Reminders to sign the waiver can be placed in after-sale & reminder emails.
  • Organisers can lookup signed waiver forms when the customers arrive on site.

If you would like to set up Waiver Forms for your event, please contact your Account Manager to activate this on your account. Once activated please follow the below instructions to set up your waivers.

Set up a Waiver Form - Manage Forms

  1. On the left hand side of your Organiser Dashboard, click “Waivers”
  2. Click Manage Forms
  3. Click Start Wizard
  4. On the New Waiver Form, fill out the following information:
    1. Virtual Waiver Name
    2. Description Box
    3. Minimum Age Requirement of Child
  1. Fields Section
    1. Type
      1. Checkbox
      2. Choose - Opens up the Options Box (see below)
      3. Dropdown - Opens up the Options Box (see below)
      4. Text
  1. Label
    1. This could be a question you want to ask for example:
      1. Do you have Insurance for Ski Events
  1. Options (comma separated)
    1. Options for the answer to the Label (question)
  1. Searchable
    1. As an event organiser do you want to be able to search for the Waiver Form
  1. Required
    1. Is this a mandatory field? Tick this box if it is mandatory.
  1. Child
    1. Is this a field for a child. E.g How old is the child. This wouldn't show up for adults, but does if you say you're signing it for a child.
  1. When you have filled out the above details, click the blue plus sign to add it and then add another label if you wish.
  2. Delete Waiver Form
    1. Click the red bin to delete the waiver form.
  1. Save
    1. Save as draft
    2. Save and Activate - Are you sure you would like to activate this form?
      1. No keep editing
      2. Yes, activate it

On your main Waiver Dashboard, you can see all your Waivers. On the right hand side you can use the pencil icon to edit the Waiver or the Copy URL icon to copy the link URL. You could copy the URL link onto an after sale email or reminder email to send out to customers.

Link Waiver Form your event

Note: It is important not to publish your event until this step is completed otherwise any purchases will not receive the link to the waiver form.

  1. Once you have made your waiver form, you can now link it to your event.
  2. Upon creating your event, navigate to the dashboard of your event and click on the tile “Checkout Settings”.
  3. Click on the tab called “Waivers”
  4. From the dropdown, select a waiver to be filled in for your event
  5. Click Save

If you have filled in all other required tiles, you can publish your event when you are ready.

Signed Forms

  1. Search Bar - search by email, sales reference, name.
    1. Check which customers have signed their waiver forms
    2. Check particular answers on waiver forms
  1. Refresh

Customer Journey (Receiving the Waiver after Purchase)

  1. When a customer purchases a ticket for your event, they will receive Waiver Form information alongside their Order Summary.
  2. Click on the Waiver URL Link
  3. Your Sales Reference for your order will automatically populate on the Waiver Form.
  4. Fill out all the requested information on the waiver form
  5. Click Save
  6. On your Order Summary Page - Click Continue

Important: Please proactively share the waiver link with all other members of your booking party - they'll be able to add their declaration to your booking reference.

All visitors must sign their waiver declaration before arrival on-site.

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