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Livestream Studio - Where do I find the live stream server URL and key?

The Livestream Studio centrally provides these critical streaming parameters so you can properly integrate your encoding tools with the event's live stream.

To locate the live stream server URL and key needed to configure your broadcasting software, navigate to the "Livestream Studio" section under the event's setup page. There you'll find the "Stream Settings" option, which will display the required server URL and unique stream key approximately 30 minutes prior to your scheduled event start time. Make sure to copy these details from the Studio and input them into your streaming software's settings to establish the connection for your live broadcast.

  1. Select the Dashboard of the livestream event you want to set up.
  2. Click “Setup”.
  3. Click “Livestream Studio”.
  4. Click “Stream Settings”.

Note: The server URL and key will only open 30 mins before your event.

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