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How do I activate the Transfer functionality?

This feature allows organisers to enable the "Transfer Tickets" option for certain ticket types. When activated, this feature permits attendees to transfer ownership of their purchased tickets to other individuals through their customer accounts.

The transfer functionality is ideal for events where attendees may want to reassign tickets to different recipients before the event occurs. However, it is generally not recommended for seated events where tickets are tied to specific seat assignments.

By giving attendees this self-service transfer capability, the ticketing process becomes more flexible while reducing the burden on organisers to manually handle ticket reassignments.

When activated, a customer can transfer their ticket to friends or family via their account.    

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand panel.
  2. Select the Dashboard of the event you want to edit.
  3. Click “Tickets”.
  4. Click the pencil icon to “Edit” the ticket type you wish to activate Transfers on.
  5. Click Advanced Options.
  6. Under the heading BitTicket Blockchain, check the box:

"Allow customers to transfer their tickets to friends & family".

  1. Click Save at the bottom to ensure the changes are made.

Note: If your event has a seating plan, the customer should not be able to transfer the tickets to someone else as the seats are specific to the original sale.

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