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Livestream Studio - What is Livestream Embed?

Want to combine Citizen Tickets secure ticketing with your own hosted website?

The Livestream Embed functionality allows you to seamlessly integrate your ticketed live stream event onto your own website. By generating an embed code, you can securely display the live video player on any webpage while leveraging Citizen Ticket's secure ticketing system. This enables you to create a cohesive experience for your audience, combining the professional live stream with your branded website environment.

 Select the Dashboard of the livestream event.

  1. Click “Setup”.
  2. Click “Livestream Studio”.
  3. Click the tab “</> Embed Code”.

Set your website access Return URL (required)

  1. Copy the embed code to provide an "Access" button to your event.  When the customer is admitted, they will be returned to this url.


Note - Must be a https link.

Place your embed code (required)

  1. The code should be placed on your Return URL, as it will be replaced with the player once admitted.

Add extra code (optional & recommended)

  1. When the user returns to your website, the player will become your livestream. You can define the following functions to decorate your page;


   function setBroadcastingStatus(status) {

        console.log("broadcasting: " + status); // boolean


    function setBroadcastMessage(message) {

        console.log("broadcast message: " + message); // string


    function setViewerCount(count) {

        console.log("current viewers: " + viewers) // int



Visitors to your website will be able to admit their ticket, and be returned to your website URL to watch the livestream in-situ.

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