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Attendees & Guests - How do I view my attendees/guests?

This feature allows event organisers to easily view and manage all attendee information for their events within the platform. With this feature, you can access a comprehensive list of all attendees, filter the list by ticket type purchased, track how many tickets have been scanned or used at the event, and view assigned seating if a seating plan is enabled. The feature also provides options to export the attendee list in various formats like a full detail list, check-in list, or Q&A list for convenience.

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left-hand panel.
  2. Choose the event you want to view attendees/guests for.
  3. Click “Income & Sales”.
  4. Click “Attendees & Guests”.
  5. Here you can view all attendees in one list or filter by what ticket the attendee has bought. You can also view how many tickets have been used (scanned in), dynamically updating with your event.
  6. You can also view the percentage of guests scanned into your event from the progress bar at the top of the Attendees & Guests table.
  7. If you have a seating plan active for your event, you can also see which customer has which seat(s). See Attendees & Guests - Seating Plan for more information.
  8. If you need to export your attendee and guest list in various formats, click the following buttons;
    1. Full List - contains all the information seen in the main Attendees and Guests list
    2. Check-in list - contains only the information required to check attendees in
    3. Q&A list - contains questions and answers relating to your attendees

How to retrieve email addresses for an event

If you would like a list of the email addresses of your attendees, please see the below options:

Option 1: Individual customer email address

If you only require the email address of one customer, there are two options outlined below:

Customer Lookup

  1. On the left hand panel, click Customers.
  2. Type the first and last name of the customer.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Customers with that name will appear as well as their email address.
  5. You can also click “View” for a customer overview including their email address.

Sales & Revenue

  1. Click the Event Dashboard.
  2. Click the Sales & Revenue Tile.
  3. Find the name of the customer you want (Try CTRL F).
  4. Beside the name of the customer, click View on the right hand side.
  5. Four tabs will appear (Purchase / Customer Info/ Items / Ticket:Exchange).
  6. Click the tab called Customer Info and you will see the email address of the customer.

Option 2: All email addresses for an event

If you require a list of all the email addresses for an event please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Event Dashboard
  2. Click the Sales & Revenue Tile
  3. Click Export on the top right
  4. Read the GDPR Terms & Conditions
  5. If agreeing to the T&C’s, proceed to download the CSV file
  6. All email addresses will appear on the file.

Note: By downloading customer data you are confirming and agreeing to the GDPR compliance and requirements. .

If you would like to send important event information to your customers by email, click here to use the Email Centre instead.

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