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Activate Ticket B when Ticket A sells out

This feature allows organisers to automatically activate a secondary ticket type once the inventory for a primary ticket type has completely sold out. This functionality enables a seamless transition between different on-sale periods or pricing tiers.

Once the quantity for the first ticket type is depleted, the platform will automatically make the second ticket type available for purchase after a 1-minute refresh period. Organisers also receive an email notification about this transition.

This automation simplifies the process of phasing different ticket releases and pricing without manual intervention after the initial configuration. It provides a smooth attendee experience as new ticket types become available systematically.

  1. Click on the Tickets tile
  2. Click Add Ticket Type
  3. Create Ticket Type A (for example - Early Bird)
  4. Fill out the price and quantity available
  5. Click Advanced Options and select “Activate Tickets”
  6. Create Ticket Type B (for example - General Admission)
  7. Fill out the price and quantity available
  8. Click Advanced Options and select both of these:
    1. “De- Activate Tickets”
    2. “Activate tickets when another ticket sells out”
  1. Another drop down will open called Ticket Type
  2. Select which ticket type you want to sell out first before Ticket B goes on sale automatically. In this scenario, we want to select Ticket A (Early Bird)
  3. On your events public page you will see that only Ticket A (Early Bird) is available. Ticket B (General Admission) will appear as not available.
  4. When Ticket A (Early Bird) sells out, the system will take 1 minute to refresh and Ticket B (General Admission) will automatically go on sale. Ticket A (Early Bird) will be marked as unavailable now.
  5. The system will send an email notification to the organiser to notify them of this.

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