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How can I "ring-fence" some tickets for my event?

Ring fence tickets will ensure that the chosen allocation is set aside from the rest of the tickets for general sale. Even if all of the other ticket types sell out, there will still be a protected availability for your ring fenced tickets. Sales of ring fence tickets are still factored in towards the overall capacity.

Some use cases for ring fencing tickets include VIP tickets, sponsor tickets, or accessibility areas in a venue.

  1. Create an event
  2. Once you start setting up your ticket types in ‘Tickets’, set the Automatic ticket quantities to be 10 ( example only)
  3. Click set and add ticket type
  4. Complete the ticket form and make sure to use the “Automatically manage quantities based on capacity” function.
  5. Click Save Ticket
  6. Now create a new ticket (add ticket type)  and ring fence the quantity you want to set aside.
  7. To do this, select “ring fence these tickets from other ticket sales” under the Capacity options. Then enter the quantity of tickets that must be set aside. In my example, I have 3 competition winners who will be in their own area.
  8. Once your tickets are set up, any ticket types that are ring fenced will have a small blue circle beside it.
  9. To edit the Ring Fence quantity:
    • Click the pencil icon to edit the ticket type
    • Update the quantity of tickets available Please note, this total amount should be excluding tickets already soldi.e. 40 VIP tickets set aside, 10 already issuedNeed to increase this allocation to 50 VIP tickets totalNew quantity of tickets available should be changed to 50

Organiser issuing via the Box Office:

Depending on the reason for your ring fenced ticket you might want to consider hiding these tickets from public view and only issue them via Box Office (i.e. free sponsor tickets).

Note that ring fenced tickets are not hidden from public sale by default, this setting must be adjusted in ‘Edit ticket’ settings > Advanced Options > Hide this ticket from the event page

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