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Configuring your reminder emails, after-sale emails and creating ad-hoc marketing or event information emails

What is the email centre?

The CItizen Ticket platform provides a full-featured emailing centre in order to create and send bulk emails to your customers.

Within the centre you will be able to schedule and send;

  • After-sale emails; these get delivered immediately to the customer when they purchase a ticket.
  • Reminder emails; these are automatically sent out 24 hours before your event starts, and can be customised to include useful information.
  • Important update emails; can be created ad-hoc when needed, or scheduled ahead of time
  • Marketing emails; can be sent to audiences who have opted-in to your marketing

Why should I use the email centre?

Whether it’s a change of programming, venue, date, or any other aspect of your event, good communication with your attendees will have a positive impact on their experience.

Communication is key to organising a successful event. Keeping your attendees informed on your event will help not only ensure they are kept up to date, but will also help with smoother on the day operations.

How to use the email centre

The Citizen Ticket platform includes an email marketing suite of tools, allowing organisers to send emails to specific audience lists. Automated emails can be set up and configured, including pre- and post- event emails, as well event reminder emails.

Communicating Important Event Information

Common things to include in pre-event emails includes:

  • Arrival Information
  • Parking Details/Travel Suggestions
  • Accessing their tickets
  • What to bring/wear to an event
  • Site map

Marketing Emails

Send targeted emails to your attendees who have opted in to receive your marketing comms. Customers have the option to subscribe to an organiser’s marketing comms when going through the checkout process.

Reminder Emails

An event reminder email is automatically created once an event has been published and is scheduled to send 24 hours before each event start date.

This contains information including: event name, date/time, venue, the customer’s unique Ticket Wallet QR code to be scanned on the day.

You can review, or edit the existing reminder email by going to the Outbox folder in the Email centre. Scroll down until you see the ‘Reminder’ heading.

When you edit a reminder email, you can also change how many hours before the event date it gets sent out. This is applied to each event date; for example if set to 24 hours and you have a week of event dates then each customer will be reminded 24 hours before their purchased date.

Creating and Sending an Email

  1. From your main organiser dashboard, go to the Email Centre
  2. Select ‘Compose Email’ and choose from a pre-made template, or a blank email template
  3. Select the email audience
    1. You can either use the dynamic audience list created by the platform, or create your own custom audience list
  1. Choose the purpose of your email (Marketing, or Important Information)
    1. Marketing - this will be sent to attendees who have subscribed to receive your marketing comms
    2. Important Information - this will be sent to all attendees in your audience list, regardless of whether they have opted in, or not.This should only include important information, such as schedule changes and other essential event information, but cannot include marketing of any kind
  1. Create your email and write your message to attendees
    1. To add images, headers, or buttons, hover over a block and select ‘+add block’
    2. You can’t attach files to your email, but you can include links to pdfs, or content on other websites
  1. Choose when to send your email
    1. Schedule an email to send on a specific date and time
    2. To send an email on the same day, or soon after drafting, please enter that day’s date/time when scheduling the send
  1. Send a test email to the master user’s account
  2. Review your email content before sending
  3. Tick the ‘activate to send’ option and save your email to move this into your Outbox
    1. Once the email has been activated and moved to your Outbox, you can still make changes

After Sale Emails

Create a custom after sale email to be sent to your attendees after they have completed their purchase. Specific after sale emails can even be set up for individual event dates and times.

You can set up an after sale email by doing the following:

  1. Go to ‘Audiences’ and select the ‘Send after sale’ tab
  2. Choose which event and time slots you would like this to apply to and select
    1. Where an event has multiple dates/times, you can choose to either have the email apply to all dates, or choose individual dates
  1. Continue creating this email by following the instructions outlined above
    1. To activate the email, simply tick the ‘activate to send’ option and save your email to move this into your Outbox
    2. You can view your active after sale emails in the designated section of your Outbox

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