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Super Trolley - How do I create “add ons” for my event (e.g. merchandise, event packages)?

The Super Trolley allows you to offer additional products, merchandise or experience add-ons that customers can purchase along with their main event tickets during checkout. This provides an easy way to bundle extra items and increase revenues per transaction.

Once configured, the add-on items will appear on the checkout page after the main ticket purchase, allowing customers to conveniently add them to their order before finalising checkout.

  1. Create the “add on” event you want to add to your main event (and if you wish, you make them non-discoverable by unchecking the “Event page displayed public results” box in “Title & Description”).
  2. You can also create the add-on ticket types you wish to sell alongside your main event.
  3. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand main panel.
  4. Click Admin.
  5. Click Super Trolley
  6. Select the checkbox “Enable the Super Trolley”.
  7. Select which add ons you want to activate.
  8. You can activate parameters which means that only specific add ons are presented to the customer to coincide with your main event.
  9. Check the checkbox beside each add-on “Add time parameters”
  10. If you prefer, you can check “Allow customers to see time slots outside of parameters” instead.
  11. You can automatically filter the add-on’s dates & times to your customer, based on their original date & time selection. Here’s an example:
    1. Illuminated Trail is from 2 - 8pm.
    2. Santas Grotto is from 12 - 4pm
    3. Elves Photos is from 3 - 6pm
    4. Therefore I will set the Super Trolley Parameters as:

  • Santa parameters to be “2 hours before the start time of Illuminated Trail (2pm)
  • Why? Santa slots open at 12pm (2 hours before 2pm Illuminated Trail start)

  • Santa parameters to be “2 hours after the start time of Illuminated trail (2pm)
  • Why? Santa slots close at 4pm (2 hours after 2pm Illuminated Trail start)

  • Elves parameters to be “1 hour after the start time of Illuminated Trail (2pm)
  • Why? Elves slots open at 3pm (1 hour after 2pm Illuminated Trail start)

  • Elves parameters to be “4 hours after the start time of Illuminated Trail (2pm)
  • Why? Elves slots close at 6pm (4 hours after 2pm Illuminated Trail start)

By completing the above, the customer will only see time slots that are appropriate for their original selection. They won’t be shown time slots on different days or at non-sequitur times.

  1. Don’t forget to click “Save”.
  2. “Add on” tickets will now appear on “View the add-ons for this event” widget page or ticket after the main event purchase widget page.

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