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Understanding automatic capacity management

Why use automatic capacity management?

This automation will allow you to streamline the ticket sale process and make managing multiple ticket types a lot easier.

Once you’ve set an overall capacity for your event date, any tickets you set to count towards this overall capacity will adjust automatically to meet the demand and availability. Once the event capacity is reached, all ticket types will be sold out.

What is automatic capacity management?

Capacity management is a key consideration when setting up your tickets. Through using an automated system that controls the number of attendees, you can prevent overselling your event and ensure a good customer experience on the day.

The automatic capacity management feature will help you better manage your ticket allocations across your events.

How to start using this to manage your ticket allocations

Within this article, we will explain how the automatic capacity management works and the various ticket specific settings that are available to you.


Before continuing with this guide, you should have read the following:

  1. Create and configure your organiser profile
  2. Create an event, set up your venue and add a date
  3. How to set up your first ticket

How to set a overall capacity for your date

Before setting up your first ticket, you will have choose how you would like to manage your ticket quantities:

  1. Basic capacity management
    1. Individual allocations are assigned to specific ticket types and managed accordingly
  1. Automatic capacity management (recommended)
    1. Set one overall capacity for your event and allow the platform to adjust these automatically to meet the demand and ticket availability
    2. Your event capacity refers to the total number of tickets that can be sold for that event across all ticket types.

How to configure your ticket to count towards capacity (or not!)

Choose whether specific tickets should count towards the overall capacity, or not.

Tickets are set to count towards capacity by default, with the option for the platform to automatically manage quantities based on capacity. We recommend making the most of this tool, particularly if you have multiple ticket types to manage.

Some examples where tickets might not count toward capacity include speaker or press passes, car passes and food vouchers.

How to cap the number of tickets of a specific ticket type

Specific allocations can be assigned to individual tickets if you have a set number of tickets available.

For example, if you have 100 concession tickets available of a total of 500 tickets, you can set the tickets to sell out when either capacity or quantity is reached.

This means you can sell up to the set ticket quantity (e.g. 100), but never exceed the maximum capacity that has been set (e.g. 500).

  1. When editing your ticket type, choose “sell out when either capacity or quantity is reached”
  2. Enter the set number of tickets that are available for sale and save

How to ring fence tickets

Ring fence tickets will ensure that the chosen allocation is set aside from the rest of the tickets. Even if all of the other ticket types sell out, there will still be a protected availability for your ring fenced tickets. Sales of ring fence tickets are still factored in towards the overall capacity.

Some use cases for ring fenced tickets include VIP tickets, sponsor tickets, or accessibility areas in a venue.

  1. When editing your ticket type, choose “Ring fence these tickets from other ticket sales”
  2. Set your allocation and click Save Changes.

How to monitor your capacity

From your main dashboard, you can get an overview of the number of tickets you have sold and the number of attendees (that is, tickets sold that count towards capacity).

If you have a recurring event, you can see this from the calendar view, giving an overview of sales and attendees for each individual date.

To see individual ticket sales breakdowns, revisit the ‘Tickets’ page at any time.

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