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Create and manage Early Bird tickets

Early Bird tickets allow event organisers to offer discounted pricing for a limited time or quantity before general admission tickets go on sale. This incentivizes attendees to purchase tickets early, helping to drive initial sales and gauge interest. Proper configuration of this feature enables a strategic promotional pricing strategy to maximise ticket revenue.

  1. On your organiser dashboard, create your event and click on the tile “Tickets”.
  2. You can either create a new ticket type or update a ticket type that you have already created.
  3. To create a new ticket type, click Basic and then click “Add ticket type” or click Automatic then “Set & Add Ticket Type”.
  4. Basic vs Automatic is about how you would like to manage your ticket quantities.
  5. To update an existing ticket type click “Edit”.
  6. Name your Ticket e.g Early Bird.
  7. Set the price of your ticket (Early Birds are usually cheaper than General release tickets). You can set the price as free if you wish.
  8. Under the section Advanced Options, select any options you wish to consider e.g Activating tickets for sale at a later date
  9. If you would like to set up General Release tickets which go on sale as soon as your early bird tickets sell out, please check this article Activate Ticket B when Ticket A sells out

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