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Livestream Studio - How do I send a broadcast message to viewers?

The Livestream Studio provides a way to communicate directly with your audience by sending broadcast messages that appear at the top of the live stream viewing page. Once your event is open for ticket holders, simply navigate to the "Broadcast Message to Audience" section, type your message into the text field, and hit send. Your message will be displayed prominently for all viewers to see. This feature allows you to share important updates, make announcements, or engage with your audience in real-time throughout the duration of your live broadcast.

  1. Select the Dashboard of the livestream event.
  2. Click “Setup”.
  3. Click “Livestream Studio”.
  4. Click “Broadcast Message to Audience”.
  5. Once your live stream event is open for ticket holders to access, send a message to them by writing your message in the text field and click send.

The message will display at the top of the live stream page (click “Access Live Stream '' if you wish to view what the audience is seeing), displayed as “Message from XXX '' with your event organiser page.

Top tip - You can message your audience any time, from when access for ticket holders starts through the end of the live stream broadcast (i.e. when you close the broadcast).

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