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Duplicate event - How do I duplicate my event?

This functionality allows event organisers to quickly create a new event by cloning the details from an existing event. This saves significant time and effort compared to setting up a new event from scratch. With a single click, you can replicate core event information like descriptions, tickets, venues, and media assets from a past or recurring event.

  1. Click on Events on the left hand panel
  2. Click the Event you would like to duplicate
  3. Click on the tile called Duplicate Event
  4. The new event title, short description and long description will have already been duplicated.
  5. Select the start and end date of your event
  6. Select the start and end time of your event
  7. Choose what information you want to duplicate (these boxes are pre-selected so please unselect the boxes you don’t want to duplicate)
    1. Copy ticket types and quotas
    2. Copy venue information
    3. Copy images and media
    4. Copy Google Analytics Code (if set)
  1. When you have selected which information you want to duplicate, click the blue box “Create New Event”

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