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How do I absorb Fees?

This feature provides organisers the option to absorb the platform's booking fees into their own revenue share, rather than passing those fees onto customers at checkout. Organisers essentially pay the ticketing fees themselves out of their earnings. This results in a simpler, fees-hidden purchase experience for attendees who only see the advertised ticket price during checkout.

However, if absorbing fees, organisers need to account for those additional costs when pricing their tickets appropriately. The platform will confirm before enabling fee absorption to ensure organisers understand the financial implications.This feature gives organisers flexibility in how ticketing fees are handled - either absorbed into their revenue split or passed along to customers transparently.

  1. Click on Finances from the menu options on the left side of your main dashboard
  2. Click "Plan & Fees"
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the grey toggle to "Absorb the fees". The toggle is grey by default.
  4. You will be asked to confirm this change. Click "Save" then "Confirm".
  5. The toggle will become blue when you have confirmed to absorb the booking fees.
  6. To change this and not absorb the fees, click the toggle again and it will go from blue back to grey.

*If you toggle the absorb fees option after having published events on the platform, please note, you will need to review your ticket prices that have been entered on the events to ensure the total ticket price has been updated

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