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Traffic & Tracking - How to add a Moment

The "Add a Moment" functionality allows you to log and visualise specific marketing milestones or campaigns on your event's traffic and sales graph. This is useful for analysing the impact of things like ad launches, promotions, media mentions, etc. on your event's performance.

  1. Click on your event on your Organiser Dashboard.
  2. Click the tile called Traffic & Tracking.
  3. At the bottom of your graph, you will see “Add a moment”
  4. Add the name of the moment i.e TV Ad Live
  5. Add the date of the moment
  6. Pick a colour for the line to be
  7. Click Add
  8. A line will appear showing where that moment is on the graph
  9. On the right hand side of the graph you can click “Moments” to view all the ones you have logged.
  10. You can edit or delete a previously saved moment by clicking on the pencil icon or bin icon

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