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Dates - How do I cancel or postpone my event?

The cancellation/postponement workflow provides organisers flexibility in handling scheduling changes, refund policies, and communicating updates to attendees seamlessly through the platform's tools.


  1. Before cancelling an event, consider if you want to offer customers the option of exchanging their ticket for another date / time slot if you have several dates / slots. Click here to see how to activate Timeslots Exchangeable. Once activated see the next steps below:
  2. On your organiser Dashboard, click the event that has a date / time-slot that needs to be cancelled.
  3. Click the tile “Cancellation”.
  4. You will see a Cancellation guide showing you the next steps.
  5. Click the “Calendar” link on the modal.
  6. Click on the date(s) you want to cancel.
  7. If your event has more than 1 timeslot or date, you can choose to offer “exchanges” to your customers rather than refunds.
  8. If “Timeslots Exchangeable” is active on your event you will be given the option to offer exchanges and set a deadline using the calendar widget.
  9. Click “Cancel event” to cancel. To postpone, please speak to your account manager directly.
  10. Leave a message to ticket holders as to why you are cancelling.
  11. Select your refund option:  with booking fees (full) or without booking fees (partial)..
  12.  Once you have selected your desired refund option you can write a cancellation message.
  13. Please make sure your refund option and cancellation message align with each other.
  14. (For example), If you choose "partial refund" but write "full refund" in the cancellation message, a pop-up notification will appear to amend your cancellation message. This is because it will confuse customers if you select partial refund but mention full refund.
  15. Confirm that you understand the terms of the cancellation. You will now receive two emails:
    1. Check your emails to view the draft email that will be sent to your customers.
    2. Confirm your cancellation by clicking the link in the next email.
  1. Your cancelled date will now appear as greyed out on your dashboard.
  2. If you forget to confirm the cancellation of an event via email, a banner will appear at the top of your dashboard to remind you:
    1. You have an unconfirmed cancellation for EVENT NAME at DATE & TIME , please check your emails to confirm. If you no longer wish to cancel this date, undo the cancellation request from the event calendar.


To postpone rather than cancel please contact your Account Manager for assistance.

NOTE: Please disable reminder emails for any events that are being postponed.

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