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How do I capture Customer Data?

Our platform provides an option to collect additional information from customers during the checkout process by adding custom questions. This allows you to gather valuable data that can be used for marketing, analytics, or personalization purposes.

The customer responses will be collected along with the purchase data, giving you insightful information about your attendees that can enhance your event experience and engagement strategies.

  1. Click on the “Events” button on the left hand main panel.
  2. Click the “Dashboard” of the event.
  3. Click “Set-Up”.
  4. Click “Tickets”.
  5. Click the "Edit Ticket" icon.
  6. Select “Ticket Questions” then “Capture data” from the customer at checkout.
  7. Create your question and select Yes/No answers or drop down box answers.
  8. Select “Ask after payment is processed?” If you want the question to appear after purchase.
  9. Customers can change their answer after purchase if the box is selected.
  10. If you want the question to be asked once only then select “Ask once per checkout”.
  11. Add the Question then you can add more questions or delete a question with the red bin icon.
  12. You can edit the saved questions by clicking on the button "edit saved questions".

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