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Understanding Refunds on Citizen Ticket

As the event organiser, you are responsible for setting a refund policy for all of your events. You must respond to any refund requests within 7 days of receiving them. Should this deadline pass, Citizen Ticket reserves the right to respond to the refund request at the benefit of the customer.

If you cancel your event or it doesn't happen, you must issue refunds to all attendees which are partial (minus booking fee) by default.

Set a Refund Policy

Choose the refund policy that best applies to your event. After you publish your event, you cannot make your refund policy stricter. You can however adjust it to be more flexible. Example: If you set a “ No Refund Policy”, you can change it to be case by case instead. You cannot set it as case by case, then later change it to “No Refunds”.

Customer Refund Application process

Customers can submit a refund application via their Citizen Ticket wallet regardless of the policy set by the organiser. Customers will be presented with a dialogue box explaining which refund policy the organiser set at the time they purchased the tickets. If an event has multiple dates or slots, they will be encouraged to exchange tickets to another date / slot rather than submitting a refund request. Should the customer choose to submit a refund request, the organiser is responsible for responding to the request within 7 calendar days.

Approving or Declining refund requests

You can approve or deny refund requests manually via your Organiser Dashboard. Please follow the prompts in the dialogue box as they will remind you which policy was set at the time of purchase.

If a customer has transferred a ticket or tickets to another person then applied for a refund, you will see a warning message on the refund application to let you know that the ticket(s) is / are not in the purchaser's account. This means you can refund the ticket but you cannot return it to allocation. The ticket will become invalid and cannot be used.

In some cases, customers might contact you directly asking for a refund (rather than submitting an application via the Citizen Ticket platform). If you wish to deal with the refund query offline between yourself and the customer, you can communicate with them via email and process refunds manually. Please see this article for information on how to do this: Refunding a customer directly without a refund application

Cancelling your event

If you cancel your event or it does not take place, customers are eligible for a refund. You can choose how you want to refund the customers. The options are:

  • Partial Refund ( Face Value of ticket only)
  • Full Refund (Face Value + Booking Fee).

Please note if you choose to issue Full Refunds, Citizen Ticket will invoice you for the total of all the booking fees as we have already paid the credit / admin charges and this fee needs to be covered by either the organiser or customer.

To postpone your event you will need to speak to your Account Manager directly:   

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