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How to use the Citizen Ticket App

The Citizen Ticket customer app allows you to browse events, purchase tickets and transfer tickets to friends and family. It holds your individual tickets and QR code for easy access into events.


Downloading the Citizen Ticket App

  1. To download the Citizen Ticket app, navigate to your Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (Apple).
  2. Type Citizen Ticket in the search bar and two options will appear.
  3. The Citizen Ticket app for customers looks like a black circle with CT in white.

  1. The Citizen Ticket toolbox is an app for Organisers. It is a white circle with CT in black.

  1. Click Install

  1. When the app is fully installed, click “Open”
  2. Sign in to your Citizen Ticket account using your Citizen Ticket email address and password.

  1. If you don’t know your password, you can request a Smart Access Link by clicking “Send Smart Access”.

  1. If you request a Smart Access Link, you will receive an email to the email address you registered on your Citizen Ticket account. On the email, click the blue button “Sign In”.


  1. On the bottom left, you can see “My Tickets” which will show any tickets you have in your wallet.

  1. By clicking on a specific ticket, you can see the details of the event.
  2. You can also  “Transfer” your ticket  to someone else. Select how many tickets you want to transfer and click the blue button “Transfer”.


  1. Type your recipient's name and email address or phone number.
  2. Click Next.
  3. If you wish to cancel your transfer, click “Cancel”.

  1. To confirm the transfer, click “Confirm Transfer”.


  1. Once confirmed, your friend will be notified via email or text that they have been transferred a ticket from you.

  1. They will need to accept the transfer and create a Citizen Ticket account if they do not already have one.
  2. Once accepted the ticket will be changed to their name.
  3. By clicking on the tab “Transfers”, you can see any incoming or outgoing transfers from your account.

Other features

  1. Any events you are organising will appear on your main screen by clicking on “My Events”:

  1. By clicking on “ Discover”, you can browse all the events that are available on the Citizen ticket website.

  1. If you want to purchase tickets, you will be redirected to our main website when you click on “Buy Tickets”.

  1. When you attend an event, you can click on the QR code button and your One Wallet Code will be enlarged on the screen ready for the Event staff to scan.
  2. Please note that this one code holds all the information for all of your tickets.


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