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What is Citizen Identity?

Our ID feature helps to make events safer and more secure by verifying that you’re a real fan and not a pesky ticket tout.

This feature prevents touts selling tickets onwards at inflated prices and ensures all your customers get offered the same tickets at the same price.

It prevents unwanted ticket resales, allows event organisers to know who’s in attendance, and can remove the need for ID check at entry.

  • Why it's needed?
  • Citizen Identity allows us to effectively manage genuine fan-to-fan ticket exchanges while ensuring touts don’t take advantage of this technology.


  • Why should I verify my ID?
  • Some events will require a verified Citizen Identity in order to transfer tickets.
  • Some events will require a verified Citizen Identity for entry - this will be noted before purchase.
  • Verified Citizen Identity can also speed up entrance to your favourite events by reducing queue times, document checks and the need for carrying other forms of ID.

  • How your data is handled
  • As your info is uploaded it is encrypted and stored securely.
  • Once your ID has been verified (usually within a few days) everything is deleted apart from a small photo which is kept for event entry purposes. You can also request for this to be deleted.

How it works:

  1. Sign in to your CT account here and click on the tab Citizen Identity. Then carry out the following steps;


  1. Take the video


  1. Click the blue “Begin” button and use your device to “Record” a short sentence that will be provided. Speak clearly ensuring that your face is visible and facing towards the camera, and there is nobody in the background.


  1. Click the “Stop” button when you are finished, and if you wish to view or redo your video by clicking the corresponding buttons. When you’re happy with your recording click “Done” to move onto the next step.

  • Note - Alternatively you can record a video and upload it by clicking the blue “Upload instead“ link.

  1. Take a photograph of ID
  2. Click the blue “Continue” button and ensure that your photo and all information is visible, click “Take a photo” to capture a photo of a valid passport or driving licence. It must be in focus, but don't worry if it appears back-to-front (or upside down)!

  1. Then click “Done” when you're happy with the photo you’ve taken. Otherwise, click the re-do button and take another photo.


Note - As the same as the video verification, you can upload an image of your ID by clicking “Choose file”, followed by “Done”.

  1. Submit for verification
  2. Finally, submit your video and photo of your ID for verification by clicking the blue “Submit” button. We'll send you an email once we have verified your ID and deleted your data.

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