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Borders Book Festival (General Public) - How do I purchase a ticket?


  1. To purchase a ticket, click “Search” at the top right-hand corner of our homepage and write Borders Book Festival in the search bar then Click Search (blue button). Otherwise scroll to the event you want to purchase tickets for. Click the event image or on the event name.

  1. Find the event you would like to purchase tickets for and press the blue button - Buy Tickets

  1. The ticket types will appear (subject to availability). The range of tickets available are different for each event but include the following types:
    1. FULL
      1. Standard Adult Ticket
  1. CHILD
    1. Child ticket for children's events
    1. For an adult to accompany a child to a child's event - These tickets cannot be purchased separately.
  1. CONCESSION - Where applicable, are available to:
    1. Students
    2. Registered disabled (plus one carer/companion)
    3. Registered unemployed
    4. Under 16s  
    5. Young Scot card holders.

*Proof of entitlement will be required*

    1. These tickets should be booked at the same time as you purchase your own tickets.
    2. Please note that proof of carer status will be requested upon arrival to the site.
    3. These tickets cannot be purchased separately.

  1. Please use the arrows in the boxes to select how many tickets you would like to purchase.

  1. After selecting the desired quantity of each ticket type click on the blue button “Add to basket”.

  1. If you would like to buy more Borders Book Festival tickets, click “Continue Shopping - Events by Borders Book Festival”

  1. Repeat these steps again for the next event  you would like to purchase tickets for.

  1. Keep repeating these steps for as many BBF tickets as you require.

  1. When you are happy with your selection, click “Buy Tickets” (blue button)

  1. Your basket will now appear. It’s also recommended to check the refund policy of the event (this is shown on the bottom right of the ticket - click on the small blue “i” to check the policy). Example below:


  1. To delete tickets , click the bin icon beside the tickets:

  1. Once you’re happy with your basket, click on “Reserve Basket”.


  1. Add Donation
    1. Click the amount you want to donate / put a custom amount or click  skip donation
  1. Edit Basket
    1. Click on the pencil icon “Edit Basket” if you wish to delete something from your basket or edit the amount of tickets. Please keep in mind that your tickets are reserved for 9 minutes 51 seconds.

  1. Click the blue button - Continue


  1. Account - If you don't have a Citizen Ticket account, please enter your full name and email address on the checkout page as requested (tickets will be sent to your email address so make sure there are no mistakes!).
    1. Type your email address and wait for the one time sign in code (check your email for the code). The code is valid for 15 minutes.
    2. Copy paste the code into the boxes.
    3. Click Verify

  1. If you are already signed in - check the name and email address is correct or click the “Sign In” link on the top right corner and enter your address and password.

  1. Click Continue


  1. Tick the boxes if you want to receive marketing emails from Borders Book Festival or subscribe to Citizen Ticket.
  2. Click Continue


  1. If you have selected the “Concession” Ticket type anywhere, a pop up called “Ticket Questions” will ask you to select which Concession category you fall under.
  2. Click on the box with the small down arrow so that the list of concession ticket types appear.
  3. Select the category which applies to you. Please note that Pensionners is not a Concession Category (it is a normal Full Price Ticket)
  4. When you select your category, click Continue.

Concessions, where applicable, are available to:

  • Students
  • Registered disabled (plus one carer/companion)
  • Registered unemployed
  • Under 16s  
  • Young Scot card holders.

*Proof of entitlement will be required*


If you see this message, it means the basket has expired (it expires after 9 mins 51 seconds). Please click Reserve Basket again:



  1. At Payment Stage, click to pay with either Instant Bank Transfer (recommended) or Credit or Debit Card.

  1. Instant Bank Transfer (Recommended)
    1. Please select your bank from the boxes shown on the page, click the blue Pay button and you will be redirected to the true layer payment page. If you would like to pay by mobile, scan the QR on the screen or click “Continue on desktop ” and proceed to follow the instructions from your bank to make payment.

  1. Debit or Credit Card
    1. New customers will be asked to fill in a home address. “Click to type address manually” will appear in a blue line - click on it to fill in country details if required (Please use this for Non UK Payments) Otherwise, the address will be filled in. Please then proceed to fill in your card details for payment, making sure you have entered them correctly. Finalise your payment by clicking the blue “Pay …” button.
    2. On the next page click Continue

  1. Once the payment has gone through your ticket will be processed, delivered to your Citizen Ticket account with your email (subject “Ticket Wallet”) and checkout completed.

  1. Once the payment is completed, you can view your tickets straight away in your Ticket Wallet by clicking on “Go to your TIcket Wallet”

  1. You can also rate your checkout experience and give us any feedback by clicking on “How did we do?”

  1. You can transfer your tickets to friends/family by clicking on “Transfer tickets to your friends” (Not available for every event)

  1. If you need some help finding an accommodation for your stay, click on “Find a place to stay”.

  1. “Share with friends and family”

  1. If you would like to share the news that you bought a ticket, click this pink square and you can write a message then click copy. Then copy the message to your social media or an email / text message.

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